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Services we offer

Our company primarily focuses on express transports, within which we can solve even the most complicated forms of transport with no obligations.

Our main goal is to make the customers as satisfied as possible. We team up with an extensive and powerful network of premium carriers, who meet the strict conditions of our mutual cooperation. In order to provide the best of our service our system is helping us to choose suitable carrier for your transport according our KPI. Our previous success reflects our conscientious and well-done work.

As the name of our company says, we try to innovate daily, because it's the only way to survive in the tough competition and to bring the best to you, our customers

Can we work 24/7?

Short answer - yes! Our experts never leave the office to provide full live support for clients and monitor vehicles.

In total, we have more than 4000 carriers at our disposal, even during the holiday season. We honour the transit time, therefore our employees work day and night shifts to make sure that all freights reach their destination on time or ASAP. By saving your time, we save your money. We know your time matters, therefore we always choose the fastest and the most effective solution.
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When will the vehicle be ready?



7.5t TRUCK






* Depends on your location, time and requirements

The more information we get, the less time we need to execute the process. In most cases, we can provide requested vehicle within the time shown. Our smart system evaluates the most effective solution to meet your requirements.

Try it out yourself! Send us a request via chat, e-mail or fill out information needed to our easy-to-use wizard. It is absolutely free and it takes only 15 minutes!

We are constantly monitoring variables and mapping the public transit network to give you information about the most convenient time to order our service along with real-time traffic information to make a better estimate of the delivery time.

Track and tracing system

We can provide real-time tracking of your delivery thanks to our smart tracking system. Service is available 24/7 with automatic updates. Upon ordering transfer, you will receive unique link to track your delivery. You can then see, where your goods are and you can ask for an extra update anytime, without limits, any way you chose (e-mail, SMS etc.). The system is fully based on our custom software, so you can get all the information in no time.

Swida in numbers







Where we work

Transport frequency (total amount as of Q4/2018):

United kingdom

And more then 5412 in all others countries in Europe

We provide express transport solutions throughout European Union. Whether you want your goods to be delivered within country or internationally, we have more than 4000 carriers available. If you are not sure, feel free to ask, we will make the most effective offer for you.

How the pricing works?

There are two types of pricing in Swida:

On-spot or contract.

On-spot pricing is dedicated to unique requests. Give us details and we will find the most effective transport solution for you. If the price and time is suitable, we will execute the process. If not, you can either change conditions or negotiate the price. There are no strings attached. Assuming that unique clients have more than one transport offer, you have always options to choose from. Our services are very adaptive, so you do not have to make compromises. Based on service heat maps, prices can vary. In addition, we have 24/7 service, so there are no boundaries.

Contracted solutions/agreed prices are usually requested by large companies. Based on tender specifications, we can provide as many transports as they like. We guarantee fixed prices for a requested time period even during the holiday season or rush hour. There is always an option. As a major European contracted partner for several market leaders, we have a lot of experience in the field and we are able to provide the most effective solution for each request.

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or fill your specification to the chat window.

Our philosophy

1. You decide, we act

Our company primarily focuses on express transports, within which we can solve even the most complicated forms of transport with no obligations.

2. We do work for you

Once your order is placed, we will take care of the rest. We keep your goods monitored and actively communicate with drivers via our internal app. We can always find a solution that meets your needs. We can provide cars with tailboard lifts, ADR cars, refrigerated trucks, we can purchase a crane etc.

3. We are creative and independent

We operate quickly and flexibly. By combining means of transport we can provide tailor-made solutions, save your time and money. Our services are fully adaptable to any of your requests or needs. Your goods will be transported by our verified carriers.

4. With us, you know what’s going on

We keep you up-to-date on what´s happening by email, telephone or as you like. If you need any information regarding our services, we are always at your disposal.

5. We charge you based on your request

We offer on-spot services with custom pricing and fixed flat-rates, all depanding on your needs.

6. We respect your requirements

Do you want the car to park in a secured parking lot or the loading area to be cooled to a certain temperature? We will be happy to oblige.

7. You choose your communication method

Our team members communicate in multiple languages and are willing to provide you with information 24/7/365 in any way that suits you..

How do we choose our suppliers?

We have more than


vehicles at our disposal

In the industry, where you can choose from thousands of available carriers, we must have strict rules while choosing the right ones. Swida’s orientation to urgent shipments predicts high importance of each individual transport, therefore our carriers must understand and follow those rules.

To make everything “smart” and reliable, we are evaluating each individual transport and monitor KPIs of our suppliers. Thanks to our database built during recent years, we can choose the best solution to fulfill clients’ request.

Moreover, information collected is used to develop our custom software which contains all important aspects to evaluate vehicles. Database includes our own rate charts, transport standards and quantity history. Swida experts are always choosing from multiple options based on your request.

In case of emergency...

If your transport gets in trouble, we will find an alternative plan to finish the delivery. Our logistics specialists are online 24/7 and in any case of trouble which could lead to delay of the transport, we will immediately give you a notification and suggest the backup plan. In Swida, we care and we take full responsibility for our services and in case of failure, we will cover possible costs.


We are automatically sharing a few references as soon as you send us your request for a price quote, Our company has a strong respect for our clients.
We are working for major automotive companies across the Europe. Since the privacy is highly valued in Swida, we can provide more information upon your request.

Leave us your email and phone number that our representative can get in touch with you and provide you the most relevant references

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No commitments

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Nothing to lose

Available 24/7

Available 24/7

Our company primarily focuses on express transports, within which we can solve even the most complicated forms of transport with no obligations.

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